The TM Joint is subject to degeneration!

Sometimes jaw pain can go away by itself, particularly after trauma or after an episode of severe stress. As long as the pain goes away and there are no other symptoms  such as a clicking jaw, locked jaw or decreased opening it is OK to leave things and be mindful of possible symptoms in the future.

However when symptoms such as pain, locking, clicking and popping occur frequently it indicates there are degenerative changes happening beyond the body’s adaptive range. At this point it is best to commence treatment. Early treatment is often minimal, meaning reduced appointments and costs. It  also ensures the best possible healing and long term function. Long term study of thousands of TMJ clicking patients has shown that once symptoms are present in the long term they simply do not resolve by themselves and often get worse.

Bottom line do not ignore your symptoms because in the long term pain often becomes worse, which can then lead to changes in the nervous system that can leave you with even more pain, irritable bowels, migraines, severe headaches,  poor sleep, depression and a feeling of hopelessness.


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