Have you had unexplained dental pain despite evaluation and dental procedures?  

If  you experience intense sharp jabbing pain in your fore head, cheek or jaw you might have trigeminal neuralgia sometimes called 'tic douloureux'

The symptoms of a trigeminal neuralgia attack vary in severity and intensity and are characterised by pain that is described as shock like, stabbing, shooting or twisting. Many people experience these symptoms daily as a result of simple tasks such as chewing, talking, brushing their teeth or even touching a certain spot on their face

The trigeminal nerve is also known as the fifth cranial nerve that supplies sensation to the cheek area of the face. iit primarily provide since I should to the face and has a smaller all combined in the muscles for chewing and biting

Pain from the trigeminal nerve can be because of numerous causes multiple sclerosis or in some cases a tumor on the nerve often by the compression of the nerve by small artery or vein.

Many times the exact causes of this injury are unknown. Though the most common cause is by the vascular compression of the trigeminal nerve by a small artery has the nerve leaves the brainstem this can cause sharp l pain in a number of areas. Typically on one side of the face  and often in one or two or three areas - typically the forehead the cheek and the jaw 

TMJ can quite easily be misdiagnosed. Root canal's can often be mistakenly used to treat pain which is often trigeminal neuralgia - there is no simple accurate test for trigeminal neuralgia

What we do at the MelbourneTMJ Center is to take a detailed history from the patient- typically in MRIs used to exclude of condition such as multiple sclerosis the treatments and other testing is generally not needed

Quite often people referred to surgeons to alleviate the pain in our experience it's important to evaluate probably evaluate your condition with a great success in relieving trigeminal nerve pain using a unique treatment protocol so even if you tried other medication to the dental procedures and other options we would encourage you to come in for a session to be evaluated to see your response to treatment protocol

Typically we are achieving rates of very high success rates. Our method avoids any sort of surgery and involves a chiropractic treatment, realignment and adjustments of the spine and cranial areas

Please come in for our comprehensive TMJ diagnosis. Book a CONSULTATION or 2ND OPINION today.