What's involved in your TMJ Treatment?

At TMJ Centre Melbourne, we have a holistic approach to treating TMJ disorders and pain. We have a dentist and chiropractor working very closely together to provide an effective, lasting solution to your health care problems.

The first step is a comprehensive and dynamic diagnosis to see if your symptoms are truly a jaw problem or if they are coming from another part of the body. Together we are able to assess the entire structure of the body and ensure we have the correct diagnosis.

If you truly have TMJ dysfunction our dentist, Dr. Shah, can keep your jaw in a healing position using orthotics (bite plates) while Dr. Dowker provides low force chiropractor adjustments to relieve any extra stress on the TMJ. With this stress removed, chances of a full recovery of the TMJ are greatly improved. 

With a dentist and chiropractor in the same clinic, you will see results faster. With the ability to offer a chiropractic adjustment minutes after your bite plate is fitted, your body can get to work sooner on restoring the balance in its system. It’s also very convenient for our patients, further reducing any stress they may be feeling.

Our emphasis is non surgical treatment, taking away stresses form the TMJ and allowing the body to heal itself.

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