Do You Have A Broken Jaw Or TMJ

What does it take to break your jaw? The short answer is something pretty serious. A fall down the stairs, intense sports game, getting punched or a car accident are all likely culprits. And you’re probably likely to know that you’ve broken your jaw based on the incident. But what about when you have jaw pain for no particular reason at all. One you’re not sure how it came about and that won’t go away. Is it a broken jaw, or could you have TMJ? It’s important to attend to the symptoms and see an expert straight away to determine the exact cause and treatment required.

Same symptoms, different problems

The reason that it’s so important to tell the difference between a broken/fractured jaw and TMJ, is that while these conditions have similar symptoms, the treatments for each will be very different. Many people who suffer from chronic jaw problems don’t always find the help they need in a timely manner. They might see a doctor who sends them for an X-ray, which either tells them if there’s a fracture or not. If you do have a fracture, it’s still a very serious issue and you will need urgent attention, potentially surgery. But if it’s not broken, and the pain persists – along with other symptoms such as popping or clicking, headaches, grinding teeth, neck pain and more – it’s best that you see a TMJ expert as soon as possible.

Why? Because the treatment that you require is unique and specific to help you overcome TMJ.

How will they know it’s TMJ?

Based on the symptoms you present with, and through a thorough diagnosis by both a TMJ dentist and chiropractor, they will determine the extent to which you have TMJ – if at all. As TMJ is the root cause of various other issues, they’ll be able to pinpoint why you’ve been experiencing the different symptoms, and then develop a multi-faceted treatment plan to help you overcome TMJ. Imagine that pain that has plagued you for all that time no longer there!

If you’ve been to other dentists who have told you that they’ll fix the issue, yet you still remain in pain months or years later, it’s time that you visited TMJ Centre Melbourne today to overcome it once and for all. Contact us anytime to book an appointment.