Exercises To Help You Cope With TMJ

TMJ is a condition best treated by an expert in terms of prognosis and treatment. Of course, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t things that you can do to increase the efficacy of your treatments, and ease your pain and discomfort. Here are some common TMJ exercises that you can do before bedtime, at the office or even on your lunch break.

For jaw, head and neck pain

Pain to your jaw, head or neck can make you feel quite uncomfortable. It could be caused by stress or poor posture. If it’s the latter, you could find relief from this exercise which impacts your postural alignment.

The aim of postural alignment is to keep you from moving your head forward and to keep it evenly balanced in relation to your neck and shoulders. Stand with your back against a wall, making sure your back and shoulders are against the surface. Now bring your shoulder blades together so that you draw them back and down. Holding this position, tuck your chin in and move your head backwards until it touches the wall. Hold the entire pose for 30 seconds, repeating it five times.

For bad posture

There are a few things you could implement to help promote a good posture, one of which is to make use of an ergonomic chair both at home and at your workplace. Alternatively, if your boss is nice enough, you could also utilise a stand-up desk, or at least one that can change height. The aim is to prevent your head from looking down, which can lead to a poor posture. Instead, if you can keep your computer at eye level, it takes stress of your head, neck and back.

The best exercises to help with bad posture are ones such as the stand-up crucifix stretch, where you put one arm behind your head with a clenched fist and thumb pointing down, while the other arm pulls the stretching arm back. You could also perform the Scapular Wall Slide, where you hold your arms up into a “W” shape beside your body against a wall and push your arms up the wall into the “Y” position, and repeat the process.

Ultimately, the best form of exercise to promote good posture is walking. By walking everyday, you can benefit from full body exercise without exerting much energy and slowly correcting your posture.

A key to correcting bad posture or overcoming head, neck and jaw pain is to see an expert who would be able to provide you with a full diagnosis and a more intensive treatment plan. To find out how to combine exercise and treatment for the ultimate pain relief, contact TMJ Centre Melbourne today.

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