End TMJ Discomfort Now Before It Takes Over Your Life

Temporomandibular Joint or TMJ disorder is associated with a bad bite, inadequate jaw and airway development. Inadequate jaw growth can also be associated with sleep apnoea, which can often be the cause of more sinister health issues such as stroke or depression.

What is the purpose of treatment?

The main purpose of treating TMJ is to offer you a better quality of life by improving your most fundamental human need: breathing. By focussing on the position and growth of the head, neck and jaw; doctors at TMJ Centre Melbourne can successfully idealise jaw and cranium function and establish ideal airway size to avoid TMJ disorderand sleep apnoea.

As an added bonus, the smile you were born to have will start to shine as a result.

What are the treatment options?

The good news is that at the TMJ Melbourne Centre, holistic dentistDr Shah works in conjunction with experienced chiropractor, Dr Dowker. What this means is that with this unique approach, there is a holistic offering to help avoid, manage and cure Temporomandibular Joint disorder.

Not all procedures require surgery. Bite plates are incredibly successful in helping correct the jaw alignment in adults and children, giving sufferers a chance to live the comfortable life they have wanted for so long.

Fortunately, with modern technology and better methodologies, doctors at the TMJ Centre Melbourne can correct facial issues without extracting teeth. In fact, extraction is not considered good practice since it can actually lead to problems such as sleep apnoea because the tongue has less room due to the narrower curve in the mouth.

For those adults whose teeth were removed, there is hope yet. Deep bites can in most cases be corrected. Orthodontic measures can be taken to reopen extraction spaces and broaden smiles. Furthermore, TMJ disorder can be assessed and corrected with functional jaw orthodontics without surgery, thanks to the innovative medical approaches of doctors at the TMJ Centre Melbourne.

Better still make sure your children can avoid TMJ disorder by correcting incorrect jaw growth. Tooth crowding in most cases indicates inadequate jaw and airway growth, which can lead to TMJ disorder and sleep apnoea. We routinely treat children from age six onwards. The earlier we correct growth and breathing patterns the less we have todo down the track and the better a result can be achieved.

The sooner you prevent a life-long struggle and suffering at the hands of TMJ disorder, the better. Make an appointment today and find out what the root cause of your problem is and also discover the various treatment options available to suit your lifestyle.