What To Expect From Your First Temporomandibular Joint Disorder Appointment

If there’s anything that scares people, it’s the dentist – and in our case, maybe the chiropractor as well. Often, we put off minor dental problems because we’re too worried about what we might find out, only for the issue to become worse over time.

It’s common for patients to tell us that they never knew the problem would be simple and painless to fix, and that if they’d known this they would have made an appointment earlier. If you are suffering from TMJ and have been putting off making an appointment, we’d like to tell you what you can expect so that you know there’s nothing to be afraid of.

Before you call…

Are you short on time, but want to make sure you get all bases covered? There is plenty that you can do to the make this happen. Start by listing your symptoms in as much detail as possible, taking note of anything that makes it better or worse. You could also compile your dental data records, any spinal X-rays you’ve previously had taken and insurance information, along with details of any medications you’re taking, conditions you’re suffering from and procedures you’ve experienced in the past.

During your appointment…

Our Dentist and Chiropractor will first listen carefully to you to ensure you are well understood and that all relevant information has been received. Following this, we will assess your entire structure including your jaw, neck, cranium, shoulders and back. We look for trigger points that may be the cause of your pain. We will also assess other factors such as diet, sleep, nutrition, posture, gait and neurological evaluation to ensure we make an accurate diagnosis, as that is always the first step to successful treatment.

It is important to leave your assumptions at the door, especially if you’ve been reading up about dental procedures on the internet or hearing of horror stories from friends and colleagues. No two people will experience TMJ the same way, so it’s unlikely your treatment plan will be exactly like what you’ve seen and heard.

We will also refer you for any further diagnostic imaging such as an X-ray, MRI or CT scan as necessary to help make an accurate diagnosis.

After your appointment…

After a thorough diagnosis, you will be provided with your individual plan. No patient is the same as another. Some may require an extensive four-month treatment program, while others may only require three to four visits to have successful treatment with our dentist and chiropractor and get rid of their pain once and for all.

Like most scary things in life, you’ll probably find that the perception is worse than the reality. Make an appointment today at the TMJ Centre Melbourne. We promise you won’t regret it.

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