Athletic performance significantly improved by new TMJ mouthguard

Force Field Performance Mouth Guards are advanced bio mechanical devices that enable you to instantly balance your nervous system and create the optimal nerve pathways that enables you to unleash superior athletic performances on demand. Athletes require highly tuned and functioning nervous systems. Yet few elite sportspeople or trainers are even aware of how your 'bite' and jaw alignment impacts your physical performance.

The truth is optimal performance = optimal alignment.  That's because your jaw joint (TMJ) is the most complex and misunderstood joint in the body - It's a major nerve juncture when it's optimally aligned you are able to unleash and trigger superior physical performance and maximise airflow through your upper airway.

Testing proves that unless your jaw is synchronised  you cannot perform at your absolute best or anywhere close to optimal. So, if you're like most sports people you've probably never even thought about your jaw alignment.

Even if you don't ordinarily wear a mouthguard in your sport, any misalignment of your jaw,  caused by injury, diet, poor breathing habits or structural weaknesses you might have had since early childhood will be negatively impacting your performance.

Once your custom made guard is fitted the ForceField Performance Guard triggers rapid feedback through your nervous system in such a way that you can recover and retain your balance.  In practical terms this enhanced balance  means you can ‘think’ on your feet and you’re able to reposition yourself faster whatever sport you play.

Wearers report remarkable improved performance

  • Increased Core strength
  • Rapid Recovery
  • Endurance
  • Reaction time
  • Cardiovascular endurance; and
  • Dramatic reductions in fatigue 

Elite athletes report they feel 'switched on' and primed  are faster and much calmer under pressure, have better ball handling skills and explosive speed and can make better decisions in heat of the game. 

So why would you ever wear a mouth-guard created by someone with no understanding or awareness of how optimal jaw alignment affects your response time when you need it most? 

All Forcefield Performance Guards are 100% custom made and custom fitted using the latest advanced technology They are very comfortable to wear

Developed and based on extensive scientific and field research by Dr Meetal Shah and Dr Eric Dowker at the TMJ Centre Melbourne 

We have developed a proprietary technique and years of hands on experience Treating TMD to custom make our mouth guards to position your jaw into optimum position  which ultimately improves performance and endurance 

ForceField Performance Guards are made in Australia using the very latest in precision technology.  Custom made to suit your particular characteristics Suitable for all sports... weight lifting, archery, boxing,  swimming, football, basketball or racket sports to name a few.   ForceField Performance Guard will give you the winning edge 

To find out more, book a fitting or an assessment contact us 

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