How TMJ Can Affect Your Daily Life

Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction, or TMJ, is a common condition, yet many still put off treatment or ignore their discomfort until it’s too late. There is a perception that it’s not really serious, and that it doesn’t affect your life, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. If you’ve been on the fence about seeking treatment for your TMJ, you should make the decision to do so today.

While TMJ often starts with just mild pain and discomfort, it can soon escalate to the point where every part of your life is affected by it. It might not impact your life greatly to have to constantly take painkiller medication, but it could soon escalate into something far worse.

Imagine the following scenario: You wake up in the morning, tired and cranky after not being able to enjoy a good night’s rest. You stumble downstairs and decide to have muesli for breakfast, but soon find that chewing is too painful, so you have just a coffee instead. Your partner is about to leave for work and is nervous as they are due for a promotion today. Instead of being able to offer them a reassuring kiss (which would hurt), you can only offer them a hug.

At work, you turn down an opportunity to present a major development to shareholders. You’re worried that all that talking will make your jaw start to lock up, so you let a co-worker do it. The presentation goes well, and the team decides to go out for lunch at a hot new sushi spot to celebrate. Again, you can’t bare the pain of biting into a sushi roll and sit there awkwardly instead.

And then you face the repeat of the cycle happening all over again the next day, struggling with the simple tasks of sleeping, eating, talking, kissing and more.

If you’re experiencing the above situation (or similar), or are worried it might be a reality for you in the near future, you’ll understand how important it is to treat your TMJ immediately. It’s a debilitating condition that affects your relationships, emotions and well being. Thankfully, it’s one that you can find relief from. All you need to do is make an appointment with TMJ Centre Melbourne today.