Common symptoms associated with Sleep Apnoea

As apnoeas occur when you’re asleep, it’s far more likely for your partner or family to notice them than yourself. They’ll also be the best source of information for many of the common symptoms of sleep apnoea, including overly loud snoring, or choking or snoring whilst asleep. But there are many symptoms that you can identify in yourself.
These include:

  • Frequent sleepiness or fatigue during the day
  • Restless or fitful sleep
  • Waking repeatedly throughout the night
  • Feeling out of breath, tired, or very thirsty upon waking
  • Tossing and turning at night
  • Grinding your teeth at night
  • Waking up with headaches

If you are suffering from many or all of these symptoms, it’s time to come and talk to us at the TMJ Centre Melbourne. We can provide you with effective treatments for sleep apnoea.