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Migraines are more than your average headache; often combining serious pain with other factors such as nausea and visual distortions, they have the ability to leave sufferers virtually incapacitated.

Many migraine sufferers are not aware that their debilitating symptoms could actually be worsened by TMJ. In fact, in some cases severe head pain can actually be caused by this condition.

Trained in neuromuscular dentistry, TMJ Clinic Melbourne offers an alternative form of migraine headache treatment to patients in need.

We offer a holistic approach to migraine treatment

Research shows that serious head pain can actually be caused by the activation of the trigeminovascular system (TGVS); this system is comprised of the trigeminal nerve and nerve fibres which accompany blood vessels both inside and outside of the brain. When the TGVS is activated, neurochemicals are released and the blood vessels become dilated – leading to cranial pain.

What causes activation of the TGVS?

Trigeminal nerve endings can be found in the face, jaw, teeth, jaw joints and even the muscles that surround the face and jaw. If these nerve endings encounter painful stimulation, it can lead to activation of the TGVS. Simply put, dysfunction in the neck, face, jaw, cranium and even other areas of the body such as the back can lead to either direct or indirect activation of the TGVS.

For some, this equates to severe head pain.

TMJ Centre Melbourne is a migraine clinic that specialises in the treatment of problems associated with temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD/TMJ). As a specialist clinic, we focus on devising a holistic migraine headache treatment plan that seeks to identify and resolve the underlying cause of your cranial pain.

Combining the expertise of both a dentist and chiropractor, we are able to focus on issues relating to the teeth and jaw, as well as the neck, back and other parts of the body. 

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Don’t accept migraines as part of your everyday life. If you are searching for a migraine doctor in Melbourne, book an appointment with our specialists. While severe cranial pain is incredibly complex and can be brought on by a wide range of underlying causes, we may be able to help.

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