What is TMJ?



The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is formed by the mandible or jaw bone joining with the temporal bone of the skull, just below and in front of the ear. You have a TMJ on each side of your face. Each joint has a cartilage disc inside keeping the temporal bones and the mandible bone apart to prevent the bone surfaces from wearing and damaging each other, as well as to act as shock absorber for the joint. The jaw joint is surrounded by a capsule or envelope enclosing it.

The TMJ is opened and closed thousands of times each day as we eat, speak, breath, and yawn, and is thus the focal point of much activity and physical forces.

The TMJ along with the sacro-illiac joints (in the hips) have the highest propioceptive nerve fibres. These nerves relay information to the brain telling us where our body is time and space, thus the TMJ is very important in maintaing our balance and upright posture.

The jaw movement is driven by many muscles connected to the skull and neck, responsible for its different actions. Additionally the muscles involved in keeping the jaw in a rest position have a direct connection to the neck. Therefore in diagnosing TMJ it is important to look at the neck and areas of the body that may affect the neck which is why a Holistic approach is so important.




Dr Shah

Dr Shah, holistic dentist, graduated from Manchester University in England with Honours in 1998.

His postgraduate experience has included training with major leaders in the field of TMJ disorder and Dental Sleep Medicine. He is currently undertaking a Masters course in Sleep Medicine.
Having suffered from symptoms of TMJ disorder, Dr Shah understands the impacts these issues can have on your lifestyle and your wellbeing. He is passionate about holistic treatments, and the importance of treating the body as a whole. Through treating himself he has gained a lot of thorough insights into what truly works. Dr Shah has successfully helped hundreds of patients regain their quality of life.

Dr Dowker

Dr. Eric Dowker attained his Doctor of Chiropractic (USA) in 1982, graduating Summa Cum Laude (highest honours) and with the Clinical Excellence citation.

His Post Graduate experience included study with major researchers in Cranio Sacral Technique and TMJ function.
Dr Dowker has worked with TMJ and related structural function for over thirty years. His focus is on how the TMJ relates to other body structures such as the cranium, spine and pelvis.


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