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Headaches are very common when you suffer from TMJ/TMD. Our unique experienced team of  TMJ Dentist and Chiropractor at TMJ Centre Melbourne provide treatment for headaches caused by TMJ/TMD.

TMJ/TMD can often be the cause of or contribute significantly to sinus type headaches, tension and migraine headaches. With true sinus headaches there should be discharge coming from the nose and the pain should get worse when you bend your head downwards. 

In TMJ/TMD the jaw, head and neck muscles can end up in spasm from trying to protect the jaw joint or from over activity of clenching or grinding. These muscles can then cause trigger points that can refer pain. For example, the jaw muscles on the side of the cheek named masseters may cause sinus type pain. The very large jaw muscles on the side of the temples can cause headaches, face pain and teeth pain. The neck muscles can refer pain to the front of the head and eyes.

Many studies have shown considerable improvement or complete elimination of headaches at the back of the head (occipital) and temple headaches when TMJ/TMD is properly treated. Leaders in the field of TMD recognise that up to 85% of head pain is due to muscular issues. Furthermore, research has shown TMJ/ TMD may be responsible for up to 26% of all head pain. Headache treatments need to address the underlying cause; in many cases, this means treating TMJ/TMD.


Can addressing a misaligned jaw assist in headache treatment?

When a misaligned jaw is present, it causes a forward head posture. This places a lot of strain on the neck and shoulders, and causes your shoulders and hips to be tilted. For every inch of Forward Head Posture, it can increase the weight of the head on the neck by an additional 10 pounds. This additional weight will mean the neck muscles become severely overworked and therefore be the source of neck pain, pain at the back of the head and referred pain to the front of the head and eyes. Conversely, an issue in your feet, hips or back can also place excessive strain on your neck, jaw and head and lead to head pain. Additionally, jaw dysfunction can jam up the cranium which can lead to headaches and a host of other symptoms.

That's why a holistic approach to headache treatment is crucial in finding out the real cause of your head pain. Sometimes there may be multiple causes that need treating simultaneously, which is why the headache clinicians at our clinic have been able to help many patients at TMJ Centre Melbourne with our unique combined service of TMJ Dentist, Dr Shah and Holistic Chiropractor, Dr Dowker treating you at same time. If you truly suffer from TMD Dr Shah can treat you with a combination of orthotics (bite plates), trigger point therapy and laser therapy, while Dr Dowker gently adjusts the rest of the body including the cranium. There is absolutely no cracking, rapid rotations or high velocity thrusts.

Have you been diagnosed correctly?

If you suffer from chronic headaches and have tried everything else without success, it is most likely because the real reason has not been diagnosed yet. Book in today for a comprehensive consultation at our headache clinic in the Melbourne CBD to see if neuromuscular science can help you. Our headache specialists can also assist with a range of other ailments, such as sleep apnoea.

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